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As an associate member of the Royal Society of Health, my aim is to help reduce the amount of food poisoning cases in the home. It has been reported that at least 10Million people are victims of infectious intestinal disease (IID) in the UK each year.

The Royal Society of Health was founded in 1876 and has had many renowned patrons and supporters. Queen Victoria was in fact the first monarch to patron the Society. The 6th Duke of Northumberland became its president in 1877, a year after its foundation.

Past members have also helped to raise the profile of the Royal Society, most notably Florence Nightingale and Sir Edwin Chadwick. The UK owes much of its health awareness to Chadwick, a pioneer in the battle against disease.

'The homehealthhygiene pack is the first of its kind. It will certainly reduce the amount of food poisoning cases in homes across the world and will save many lives.'

Stephen F. Cunningham M.R.S.H.
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Stephen F Cunningham
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