Sticky draw runners? Take out and rub with white candle along runners.

Hot tip
Warm your oven before cleaning it,s a lot easier to clean this way.

Plastic fantastic
Cover food with greaseproof paper or foil rather than plastic cling films. The plasticizers in some cling films may be carcinogenic and they could migrate into some foods,particularly fatty ones. If you use cling film (plastic) don't let it touch the food.

Soak it up
Put a clean dry sponge in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator to absorb the moisture.

No dust
Use a damp cloth when dusting to keep airborne dust to a minimum.

The 'hole' truth
When filing papers in a ring - binder, stick a strip of tape to the edge before punching the holes - it stops the paper from tearing.

Keep cool If you find you can't sleep in hot weather, take a cold water bottle to bed with you - it does the trick.

A hand - some idea If you suffer from arthritic hands, squeeze some plasticine as you watch TV its great exercise and really helps.

Free flow When opening a carton, cut two holes, (one either side) and it will pour more smoothly with no glugging.

The 'write' stuff Save paper by keeping a ceramic tile and a pen with wipe - clean ink next to the phone. Write messages on it then wipe away when they're no longer needed.

Soup - er suggestion Try this delicious change when roasting potatoes. First dip them in milk, then roll them in dry soup powder before roasting. The result is delicious.

Sweet scent When you wash the cushion cover of your dog or cats bed, put a few sprigs of fresh mint or other herb inside it to keep it smelling fresh.

Padding it out Don't throw away those unwanted shoulder pads - they can be sewn into the knees of children's romper suits when they are at the crawling stage.

Prickly customer Deter would be burglars from getting into your garden over a fence by planting a thick hedge of prickly berberis. They'll never get over it unscathed.

Silver service When cleaning cutlery and silverware always wear a pair of thin cotton gloves, so you won't leave any fingerprints

Walk this way If you use a walking stick, to enable people to see you in the dark, stick reflective tape at intervals round you stick.

Face facts Put the contents of a vitamin E capsule on your face. It will do more good than expensive face creams.

Come clean Put your leftover pieces of soap into the little net bags that come with washing powder tablets and use in the bath. It makes a lovely lather and the bag acts as a massage mitt.

Giving the brush - off A great way to dust fiddly china doll ornaments is with an old shaving brush.

Pet protection Make your poorly pet comfortable when you visit the vet on a chilly day by putting a well - wrapped hot water bottle in its carrying basket.

Make light of it If you suffer from eye - strain when reading, writing or watching TV in the evenings try using a 'daylight' bulb. They give off a clear, white light that's less tiring than the dull yellow glow of ordinary.

More Tips:-

W hen bathing a baby or toddler, slip an inflated armband over the hot tap to prevent any burns.

U se a drop of vinegar to clean your specs - the lenses will be streak-free and sparkling.

T o prevent any spills when children are painting , cut a circle out of an old sponge and stand the paint pot inside. The sponge will collect any paint drips, making it easier to clean up.

I f you want to put a message on a cake without icing, simply cut out the letters from a magazine, as stencils, and place them on a cake. N ext, sprinkle icing sugar on top, then carefully remove the stencils to reveal the message.

B efore you boil milk, run water round the inside of your pan to dampen it. That way, when milk boils you wont burn the pan.

T o cut a perfect slice of cake or pate, and keep its form, run your knife under hot water first.

I f you don't finish a bottle of wine, freeze the remainder in your ice tray. Then use the frozen cubes for cooking.

I f you feel you have food poisoning as a result of eating out, keep a sample of vomit. That way you will be able to have it analysed as proof that the food you have eaten was contaminated. You will then be able to prosecute them.

K eep your toothbrush in a solution of sterilising fluid when not in use. This will help kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

I f you feel you have food poisoning as a result of eating out, keep a sample of vomit. That way you will be able to have it analysed as proof that the food you have eaten was contaminated. You will then be able to prosecute them.

A fter using your garden hose, run hot water through it for a short while and it'll be much easier to roll up.

T each children at an early age (potty stage) to wash hands after using toilet.

M ake your porridge, curry, or soup the day before. Store correctly, you will be amazed at how much better it tastes.

C rumble an Oxo cube over you roast potatoes before cooking, it's a must for perfect roasties

T o keep head lice at bay, try placing a few drops of tea-tree oil into children's shampoo, shake well and use as normal.

K eep pets cool during hot weather by placing a couple of ice cubes in their water bowl.

R euse your baby's changing mat as a kneeler when you're gardening.

D ieting this summer and feel deprived of an ice cream? Put low fat yoghurt in the freezer for a couple of hours for a cold treat.

T ry chewing crystallised ginger to avoid travel sickness- a little piece about half an hour before you travel should help.

G arlic is a natural mosquito repellent.

I f you have been bitten, lemons act as both an antiseptic and an astringent. It will reduce the stinging and itching of a bite and will also dry it out.

G lobal warming is contributing to the increase of (Malaria) (Tuberculosis) Due to the mosquito's rapid growth, the red army is a blooming pest.

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