Meat Probe

1 x Meat temperature probe = No more guessing if your joints of meat are cooked on the inside. You'll never undercook high-risk foods i.e. sausages or burgers. All you do is insert probe into the centre of your food to make sure it has reached the correct temperature to kill harmful bacteria.

Sold separately £25.00 plus £6.00 p+p includes insurance.
The HHH Food Safety Book
You will also receive a book about food safety. It will tell you all you need to know about how to prevent food poisoning in the home. What to do if you think you have food poisoning, and how to get full compensation if poisoned eating out. It will educate you in food safety. You will be amazed at how easy it is to cause food poisoning. Sold separately £6.50 plus £1.50 P+P
Refridgerator Door Sign
A Sign for your refrigerator door. Showing you how to store food in your refrigerator safely).

Sold separately £2.50 includes P+P
Fridge and Freezer Thermometers
2 x Thermometers = one for your refrigerator and one for your freezer. You will be able to check the temperature of your foods at a glance, 5c for your refrigerator and -18c for your freezer.

Sold as one item £5.50 plus £1.50 P+P
Food Covers
Two food covers. 1-16" 1- 12" How can you possibly manage in the kitchen without one? Ideal for covering food when cooling, we cannot keep an eye on our food every second. It's heaven for the flies, especially the blue bottle and the green bottle, that can land on your food, regurgitate their previous meal on your food, contaminate food with pathogenic bacteria, lay their eggs and be gone before you notice them. Both food covers can be used for protecting your food when having a barbecue or going on a picnic. Flies and insects cannot get at your food. Sold separately £5.50 plus £1.50 P+P
Chopping Boards
2 x Melamine chopping boards 1-6"X10" 1- 8"X13". Throw away that old chopping board. Wooden chopping boards are illegal in restaurants, hotels, etc. Both chopping boards are durable, hygienic and easy to clean and sanitize. Use the small one for your salads and vegetables and the large one for all your meats. They are neat and tidy.

Sold as one item £5.50 plus £1.50 P+P
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